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Top-Of-The-Range AW119 Ke Enters Service

AgustaWestland's response to customer demand for a high performance, modern, multi-role single-engine helicopter, the state-of-the-art AW119 Ke (Koala enhanced) has now entered operational service with several operators in Europe and North America including FAASA, Seacor and Air Engiadina. FAASA Aviación of Spain took delivery of its first two out of an order of eight AW119 Ke helicopters in February 2008 to perform fire-fighting missions. Seacor is operating the AW119 Ke for offshore transport as well as fire-fighting purposes taking advantage of the aircraft's superior speed and flight endurance.

An evolution of the well known A119 Koala featuring a maximum take-off weight increased to 2,850 kg (6,283 lb), state-of-the-art design main rotor blades and an increased operational envelope, the AW119 Ke has achieved great success in the marketplace since its launch in February 2007. Orders for the AW119 have now reached almost 180 in more than 20 countries with almost 80 customers.

The AW119 Ke is the top-of-the-range helicopter in the single engine market and has excellent performance even in extremely hot and high operating environments. The 3.45 m3 (121 ft3) cabin can comfortably seat six passengers while the AW119 Ke has the useful load to carry six passengers with full fuel giving at range of over 500nm with reserves. Not only does the AW119 Ke have the largest cabin in its class it also has a large 0.95 m3 (33 ft3) baggage compartment.

The AW119 Ke is the only single engine helicopter that has a cabin separate from the cockpit, offering the space and comfort that can only be provided by more expensive light twin aircraft. When configured for offshore transport purposes the AW119 Ke has seating for six passengers in the cabin which when combined with the aircraft's 139 knot cruise speed give it unmatched productivity. The AW119 Ke Law Enforcement and Homeland Security variant can patrol for over 5 hours with reserves and has both the payload and cabin space to carry a wide range of equipment for various law enforcement roles. For VIP/corporate transport tasks, nothing comes close to the AW119 Ke in terms of maximum speed, range and comfort. The helicopter, with a MGW of 3,150 kg (6,945 lb) with external loads is a highly effective light utility helicopter and is now proving its abilities in the fire-fighting role in several countries using a traditional Bambi bucket or a Simplex conformal tank.

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