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AgustaWestland Focuses On Customer Satisfaction

A number of major initiatives have recently been implemented to enhance the responsiveness and quality of customer support services AgustaWestland delivers to its customers worldwide. However, these initiatives are only the start of a continuous improvement programme to ensure AgustaWestland gets closer and closer to its customers to enhance the operational effectiveness of their AgustaWestland helicopters.

AgustaWestland Logistic Centres in Italy, Belgium and the USA have undergone major expansions and improvements in response to the growing fleet of AgustaWestland helicopters and to improve responsiveness to customers. These expanded facilities have also benefited from increased efficiencies that AgustaWestland has introduced into the supply chain function. These centres have also been networked with new centres that have been opened in Brazil and Malaysia to give global visibility of parts availability around the world.

The new AgustaWestland Logistics Centres are supplying a growing number of AgustaWestland authorised Service Centres around the world. These Service Centres now total nearly 60, providing local support to customers. Further steps are underway in a number of other countries, including Russia, to further expand this network of Service Centres.

A new Customer Service Manager (CSM) role has been established as a major asset in the AgustaWestland customer support organisation. Nearly 20 CSMs have been appointed so far, with more planned as AgustaWestland's worldwide fleet grows, to improve the interface between customers and the Company. Each CSM is responsible for a particular region or specific countries and acts as the coordinator and contact point for operators. Where customers have large fleets of helicopters dedicated on site technical representatives will continue to manage these customers support requirement.

Advanced equipment, tools, systems and processes include HUMS data management & analysis, SAP system integration implementation started this year, that covers AgustaWestland material supply network expansion as a single global material management, and the full customer-oriented My-Fleet professional website.

Dedicated seminars and conferences organised by AgustaWestland to gather operators for the purpose of sharing views and experience while operating the fleet are being increased and have proved to be an excellent additional forum for AgustaWestland and operators to exchange information. The recent events include a Customer Service & Support Operators Conference held in Valencia, Spain in May and the first AgustaWestland Oil & Gas Industry Seminar held in Singapore in June. Conferences similar to the one which took place in Valencia are planned to be carried out annually and will also involve events in the Middle and Asia.

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