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BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR has undertaken trials that successfully proved the UK's ability to broadcast large volumes of information to globally deployed UK mobile forces. They also demonstrated interoperability between two Network Enabled Capability (NEC) information systems that the company supplied to the UK Ministry of Defence - the Pilot Direct Broadcast System (DBS) and the Dagger satellite communications vehicle.

The Pilot DBS transmitted Gigabytes of information quickly and reliably from the strategic headquarters at Northwood via Skynet 4 military satellite communications links to a Dagger vehicle in Portsmouth, representing the command level of in-theatre forces anywhere in the world.

This built upon successful previous trials that established the ability of the Pilot DBS to offer similar levels of service over fixed and maritime satellite communications links.

Paul Laity, Managing Director of C4ISR's Communications & Defence Infrastructure Division, commented "These trials further expand the envelope of Pilot DBS and Dagger. It is a significant contribution towards satisfying the growing NEC needs of deployed British forces, whose operational effectiveness we are committed to supporting.�

The Pilot DBS delivers military information on a world-wide basis over a one-way, secure, satellite broadcast system to multiple, geographically dispersed, military client communities, tailored to their specific requirements.

Dagger is a Land Rover-mounted military and civil band satellite communications system. It is designed for rapid deployment and ease of use in difficult operational domains with minimal manpower requirements. Dagger is available in a number of configurations to meet differing roles, including the dismounted Talon variant that has also been supplied to the UK Ministry of Defence.

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