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Boeing, US Air Force Keep C-17 Globemaster III Mission-Ready

A U.S. Air Force maintenance crew chief inspects an engine on a Boeing [NYSE: BA] C-17 Globemaster III at an air base in Kuwait.

A C-17 takes off or lands in Iraq or Kuwait at least once an hour as part of ongoing military activities. The aircraft delivers vital cargo and troops throughout the region while battling harsh weather conditions. High temperatures, sand and dust storms are a constant threat to engine performance. Air Force maintenance crews work closely with Boeing field service representatives to ensure the aircraft are mission-ready.

C-17s are supported by the Globemaster III Sustainment Partnership, a successful performance-based logistics program in which Boeing works with the Air Force to oversee the full spectrum of sustainment activities for the service's entire C-17 fleet. The fleet routinely has a mission-capable rate of 85 percent or higher.

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