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Smiths Detection Ionscan 500DT is the first dual explosives trace detector to be placed on the new TSA qualified products list

Next-Generation Desk Top Explosives Trace Detector IONSCAN 500DT Achieves TSA Lab and Field Certification Qualifying it for Purchase and Deployment

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announces that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has officially certified Smiths Detection IONSCAN 500DT after successful completion of the TSA's Certification Plan for Explosive Trace Detection Equipment. Designed primarily for use at passenger security checkpoint for screening of carry-on baggage, the IONSCAN 500DT is an advanced explosives detector, capable of detecting trace amounts of explosive substances.

The IONSCAN 500DT can identify small amounts of explosives from a single sample in a matter of seconds. Its design enables the system to maintain optimum analysis conditions for all target substances while maintaining detection performance.

Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director of Smiths Detection, said: "We are delighted and proud that IONSCAN 500DT is the first dual explosives trace detector to be placed on the TSA Qualified Products List. We are committed to meeting TSA standards and producing the highest quality trace detection equipment."

Mark Laustra, Vice President of Homeland Security for Smiths Detection, said: "Our second-generation trace detector has been optimized and improved to meet the evolving threats found at security checkpoints today. The added sensitivity of the dual tubes is an industry first which increases the 500DT's overall detection abilities."
Smiths Detection's has more than 6,000 trace detection systems deployed throughout the world and X-ray and trace detection technology installed at around 80 percent of the world's airports. Aside from use at airports, the IONSCAN 500DT can also be deployed at ports and border crossings, public and private buildings, courthouses and correctional facilities.

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