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Vietnam CAA take delivery of new OD Security Body Scanners

The Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam, have taken delivery of 4 new Sotor RS body scanner units, manufacatured by Netherlands based Company OD Security BV.

The units, two in Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, one in Noi Bai International Airport in Ha Noi and one in Da Nang International Airport, were installed and became operational on 24th August 2008.

With passenger capacity at these airports of 15-17 million, 6 million and 2 million respectively the addition of the Sotor Units to the already existing customs clearance will increase the level of security operations previously possible through the use of conventional metal detectors. Non metallic objects hidden under clothes, or in natural cavities or within the human body cannot be detected by conventional metal detectors, and typically, these non-detectable items, such as narcotics, explosives, precious stones, plastic weapons, or other contraband, can only be detected by highly intrusive total body searches.

The SOTOR RS Security Body Scanner can undertake a whole body, clothing or body searches detecting everything hidden in or outside the human body within just 10 seconds, negating the need for the previously used intrusive whole body / strip searches.

Jan Steven van Wingerden of OD Security, the manufacturers of SOTOR RS stated; "We are delighted to play an active part in the Global Communities fight against the menace of International drug trafficking and terrorism." He continues, "The operating principal of the SOTOR RS is based on the use of a very narrow co-limited x-ray beam. The exposure is then read by a highly sensitive linear multi element semiconductor detector, which sends its output to a proprietary software interpolation and enhancement process."

SOTOR is currently operational in Australia, Kuwait, Mexico, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

ODSecurity will be exhibiting at ASIS

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