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Success for ATLAS ELEKTRONIK at the NATO Harbour Protection Trials

For ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, the NATO Harbour Protection Trials turned out to be extremely successful. ATLAS took part in the event at Eckernförde with two autonomous underwater vehicles of the types "SeaOtter Mk II" and "SeaWolf", both of which passed their test runs under the eyes of a critical assessment team very successfully and without any errors.

The "SeaOtter Mk II" is a 3.55-metre unmanned underwater vehicle operating autonomously for surveillance, reconnaissance or minehunting tasks. The "SeaOtter Mk II" is programmed beforehand and then executes the specified mission autonomously. Thanks to its modular system structure, the "SeaOtter Mk II" is able to carry a large number of different sensor packages.

Within the scope of the NATO event, the vehicle successfully performed missions lasting several hours. Its navigational accuracy at the end of the missions lay between 1.3 and 3.6 metres.

The second unit under test, the "SeaWolf", was originally developed as a remotely-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle for operations against sedimented mines and was then advanced by ATLAS to become a fully-fledged autonomous platform offering high performance. It is especially well suited for the surveillance and inspection of confined spaces, e.g. harbours. With its capability of "hovering", i.e. remaining stationary in the water, it is able to inspect particularly critical areas in great detail.

The "SeaWolf" has a highly-precise navigation system, is programmed accordingly before operations, and then travels along the predefined path autonomously.

In Eckernförde, the "SeaWolf" also completed its two planned missions with flying colours.

The participation of ATLAS in a technology demonstrator for combatting asymmetric threats also proved to be extremely successful. For the "LEXXWAR" system, ATLAS is providing a console with special software to generate a tactical situation display similar to that of the combat management system on the new F125 frigate for the German Navy. As part of the presentations, LEXXWAR was also able to process the data transferred from the "SeaWolf" via an optical fibre cable.

Dr. Ralf Kube, Chairman of the Management Board, said: "ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and especially the development team for the autonomous underwater vehicles successfully demonstrated the wide-ranging technological capabilities of our company to the professional international audience at the Harbour Protection Trials 2008. With the SeaOtter and the SeaWolf, ATLAS has the right products for civilian and military applications in the growing market for unmanned underwater platforms."

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