ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH2008-09-14 14:38:36

ATLAS show presence in Southafrica

The second half-year 2008 brings ATLAS ELEKTRONIK a compact exhibition calender considering almost all important market regions for their product portfolio. Firstly ATLAS commence in Southafrica and participate at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) in Capetown during 17-21 September 2008. This exhibition had been successfully visited over the past years and for that reason we can count the Southafrican Navy to ATLAS's customer base for Integrated Submarine Combat Systems (cl. 209) or Heavyweight Torpedoes.

We want to continue this favourable track and will introduce the extended product range of ATLAS this time. The focus will be on the OMADA-C4 Configuration with ANCS (Atlas Naval Combat Management System).

The combat system of the latest generation will be delivered to the German Navy for the new frigatte F125.

Another main exhibit will be shown by CybiCOM ATLAS DEFENCE. The affiliated company display a periscope simulator. With the topics of SeaSpider (an Anti-Torpedo Torpedo) and ISUS (Submarine Combat System) we will complement our presence at AAD in Southafrica.

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