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BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft and Romaero, the Romanian commercial aerostructures manufacturer, have agreed a programme under which Romaero will build 10 Large Freight Door (LFD) installation kits for the ATP regional turboprop freighter, in anticipation of an installation programme being planned by Regional Aircraft over the next two years.

Romaero has also been contracted by Regional Aircraft to carry out repairs on a number of ATPs that were damaged by freak hailstorms when in storage at Zaragossa, Spain.

It is likely that once these repairs have been completed, some of these aircraft will have E-Class freight interiors fitted along with the Large Freight Doors at Romaero's Baneasa facility, near Bucharest. The first aircraft will be ferried to Baneasa at the end of June and completed with freight interior and Large Freight Door as early as the first quarter of 2004.

The E-Class interiors will be those designed by British European Aviation Services in a joint programme with Regional Aircraft.

It is anticipated that some of the Large Freight Door modules that have been manufactured by Romaero will be offered to other ATP customers who may elect to have their doors fitted at other centres of their choice.

Romaero has been a partner to BAE SYSTEMS for many years, notably on the ROMBAC BAC One-Eleven licence production programme in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. Among the BAC One-Elevens produced were a number with freight doors fitted. Romaero also continues to be the main production site for the Britten-Norman Islander utility transport aircraft, hundreds of which have built over several decades. It also manufactures rear fuselages for the Gulfstream G200 business jet.

In assessing Romareo's suitability for the repair task, manufacture of the LFDs, and the likely installation of the freight interiors and doors, BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft carried out an extensive technical audit of Romaero's facilities and processes.

John Williamson, Vice President Technical Operations and Business Support of Regional Aircraft commented: "Romaero passed our stringent audit with flying colours. We are impressed with their capabilities and quality procedures. The manufacture of the Large Freight Doors and the plan for installation will be very cost-effective meaning that freight airlines will receive a product that is priced to the needs of the market. We hope that this current partnership agreement can be extended and widened over time.�

The selection of Romaero also fulfils part of an offset obligation placed on BAE SYSTEMS Customer Solutions and Support by the Romanian Government as part of the upgrade and supply package for two ex-Royal Navy Type 22 frigates.

Romaero personnel are already undergoing airframe, engine, avionics and simulator training at Regional Aircraft facilities in the UK and also will undertake practical training on West Air Sweden ATPs at Lidköping.

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