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Heligo Charters Starts AW139 Offshore Operations In India

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that Heligo Charters Pvt Ltd, the Mumbai based offshore helicopter operator, has started operations this month in India with its first AW139 medium twin engine helicopter. Heligo Charters has also recently received CAR145 Maintenance Organization Approval, making it the first helicopter company in India to comply with these requirements. The company plans to add a second AW139 to its fleet in early 2009 to meet increasing demand in the Indian oil and gas sector, particularly for deep water offshore support operations. Additional AW139s are planned for offshore operations in India later in 2009.

Since entering service the AW139 has already performed an impressive medical evacuation mission from a seismic survey ship 217 nm (402 km) offshore. The AW139's maximum cruise speed of 167 knots enabled it to reach the vessel quickly while its long range meant there was no need for the ship to divert closer to the coast, allowing it to continue its seismic survey activity.

The AW139 is ideally suited for the offshore role, with its large cabin and baggage compartments allowing it to transport 12 to 15 passengers, offering ease of access and egress by its large sliding doors. Remarkable space on board and modular role equipment allow an easy and quick conversion to and from various configurations. Furthermore, a Maximum Gross Weight (MGW) of 6,800 kg (14,991 Ib), a 400 kg (882 Ib) increase on the original certified MGW of 6,400 kg, was certified in 2008. The increased MGW and payload, which is available on all new production aircraft as an option, is allowing the AW139 to target various long range offshore requirements currently being met by larger 19-seat types, further expanding its impressive capabilities.

The AW139 has already entered service with almost all the major providers of offshore helicopter transportation services around the world. The helicopter has achieved a great success becoming the best selling medium twin in the world for various applications. Almost 110 customers from nearly 40 countries have ordered over 430 helicopters to perform offshore transport, EMS/SAR, VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, utility and military operations.

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