Smiths Detection2009-01-27 11:13:25

Smiths Detection Awarded $3.5 Million Contract to Help U.S. Marshals Protect Federal Courthouses

Advanced X-ray Screening Systems Aid in the Protection of Courthouses from Weapons and Explosives

Smiths Detection today announced a $3.5 Million contract with the United States Marshals Service for HI-SCAN 6046si advanced X-ray screening systems. They will be installed in courthouse lobbies throughout the United States to screen personal belongings of those entering the building.

Designed to produce detailed images with high resolution sensor technology, the Hi-SCAN 6046si will allow Marshals' personnel to quickly and effectively evaluate personal bags, briefcases and other items as people pass through check points.

Cherif Rizkalla, President, Security and Inspection, Smiths Detection, said: "This order underlines the broad application of our advanced X-ray systems in providing security solutions to critical infrastructures such as courthouses and other public buildings."

Mark Laustra, Vice President of Homeland Security, Smiths Detection said: "Our HI-SCAN 6046si systems have proven to be highly effective in many different environments, with more than 6000 installations worldwide and we are confident they will assist to better protect courthouses."

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