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Boeing Delivers 1st JTRS GMR Radio Engineering Development Models to US Army

Boeing delivered the first two engineering development models (EDM) of the Joint Tactical Radio System Ground Mobile Radios (JTRS GMR) to the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program on Feb. 27. FCS will use the EDM units for software development, integration and testing. Combined with pre-EDM radios, the EDM units will provide mobile networking capability during this summer's FCS Spin Out Limited User Test at Fort Bliss, Texas.

"When fielded, JTRS GMR will allow warfighters to communicate and share information over a secure, interoperable tactical radio system," said Army Col. Daniel P. Hughes, program manager, JTRS Ground Domain.

Boeing JTRS GMR Program Manager Ralph Moslener said, "JTRS GMR is more than a radio; it provides interactive voice, video and data communications. This interoperable system truly provides communication and situational awareness capabilities that have never been available on the battlefield."

Boeing will provide additional engineering models to the JTRS Joint Program Executive Office over the next six months for a government-run system integration test scheduled to begin later this year.

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