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Smiths Detection Awarded $2 Million TSA Contract for Hand-Held Explosives Detection Systems

SABRE 4000 Trace Detectors Provide Advanced Screening Capabilities

Smiths Detection today announces a $2 million order from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) completed in November 2008 for SABRE 4000 hand-held trace explosives detectors. These lightweight systems can detect trace amounts of substances from either particle or vapor samples.

Cherif Rizkalla, President, Security and Inspection, Smiths Detection said: "Our advanced trace detection and identification solutions are developed to enhance existing security measures. We are pleased to continue working closely with TSA providing advanced technologies that keep the public safe."

Mark Laustra, Vice President of Homeland Security, Smiths Detection said: "The highest levels of security are better met when sophisticated, layered approaches are put into place. The SABRE 4000 gives TSA a mobile option to complement their existing security solutions."

Currently TSA is utilizing more than 4,500 Smiths Detection desktop trace detectors at airport security checkpoints across the nation.

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