Smiths Detection2009-04-27 07:24:53

Smiths Detection Launches Bio-Seeq PLUS, an Advanced Hand-Held Bio-Agent Detector

Field Portable System Identifies Trace Levels of Anthrax, Tularemia, Plague and Pan-Orthopox

Smiths Detection today announces the worldwide launch of Bio-Seeqâ„¢ PLUS, a next-generation handheld biological testing unit designed for global military and emergency response applications.

The system provides on-site detection and identification of trace amounts of biological warfare agents (BWAs) such as Anthrax (pX01 & pX02), Tularemia, Plague and Pan Orthopox.

Mal Maginnis, President, Global Military and Emergency Responders, Smiths Detection, said: "With suspicious powder incidents increasing over the past decade, we are committed to introducing new products that meet the varied needs of emergency responders around the globe. Bio-Seeq PLUS has the ability to provide lab-quality results in the field, which will enable appropriate, cost-effective on-site responses to potential biological agent attacks."

The lightweight units were designed to be used by emergency responders, including those with little to no biological testing experience. The Bio-Seeq PLUS allows for ease-of-use when wearing protective gear as well as single-handed operations guided by easy-to-follow software prompts.

It utilizes a sophisticated patented LATE PCRâ„¢ (Linear After the Exponential Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology which expands the capabilities of field-portable bio-analytical instruments to produce greater reliability of results.

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