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After Successful trial to US Army EOD, DefenCell demonstrates at FPED09

Once again JSF Systems will be demonstrating DefenCell, a multi-purpose force protection system at this years Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPEDVII), from 19th to 21st May 2009 at the Stafford County Regional Airport, Stafford, Virginia, USA.

DefenCell Blast Wall VBIED was recently demonstrated at the US Army EOD Training Department, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, USA, to show the EOD Training Department the ease of use and reusability of DefenCell walls in the training of EO Specialists in performance of Battle Damage Assessment.

Two parallel walls constructed of 3 sections of DefenCell; 20ft apart 16ft long to a height of 5ft 4 inches were filled with local material. Instruction was provided on construction of the wall, and The McKinley Range NCOIC, SFC Anderson, oversaw the construction. A standard vehicle was positioned centrally, and an IED was placed in the trunk consisting of 120mm mortar (14lbs TNT equivalent), 1.2 lb C4 primer.

After detonation, and upon inspection, it was found that none of the DefenCell walls had encountered any through penetration. Any minor damage caused by vehicle shrapnel could be repaired, using DefenCell patches and retaining studs where necessary, but the structure could be re-used. Additionally the building in the background, some 75 foot away, was inspected and NO damage was observed anywhere on the building.

It is testament to the latest geotextile construction technology that is used in DefenCells cellular design, providing strength and versatility that ensure that it continues to perform in extreme conditions around the globe.

DefenCell is currently on operational deployment in Afghanistan with the British Army, in Chad with the Irish Defence Force, as well as a number of US bases. It is deployed in facilities and force protection roles in the UK and Italy.

Jeremy Milton of JSF Systems said, "This is the second time that we have been invited to demonstrate DefenCell at FPED and have previously received a tremendous response from the results that the system achieves. We look forward to again proving the strengths and versatility of DefenCell against a range of tests."

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