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Atlantic Inertial Systems wins order in support of Northrop Grumman AAQ-24 DIRCM

AIS has been awarded a contract worth USD5M to supply the Control Indicator Unit (CIU) and associated spares for Northrop Grumman's AAQ-24 system. The CIU provides the interface between the AAQ-24 system and the aircrew operating the aircraft.

The NEMESIS (Directional Infrared Countermeasures) DIRCM system is the only system in production today with a field proven track record. The AAQ-24 system is designed to protect aircraft against IR threats, associated with Man Portable Air Defence Systems, such as shoulder fired Infra red heat seeking Surface-to-Air Missiles, associated with use by terrorist organisations. Heat seeking missiles work by latching onto the thermal signature of the aircraft. The AAQ-24 detects the launch of a missile from the flash of its rocket motor igniting and determines if it is a threat. It warns the aircrew of a threat and automatically actions a stabilised turret mounted on the exterior of the craft to switch on a powerful lamp or laser which effectively blinds the incoming missile. As the energy transmitted by the AAQ-24 turret is more powerful than the aircraft's own infrared signature the missile loses lock and misses its target.

Jim Chapman, VP Operations for AIS Ltd said "We are delighted to receive a further order for the CIU. In selecting the AIS system Northrop Grumman not only leverages expertise from a world beating technology company, but also supports the industrial participation between the US and UK."

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