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The Government Of The Arab Republic Of Egypt Orders Three AW109 Power Helicopters

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt through the Ministry of Defence has signed a contract for three AW109 Power light twin helicopters. The AW109 Power Helicopters will be operated by the Egyptian Air Force and used to perform emergency medical service (EMS) duties on behalf of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Defence is the first customer for the AW109 Power in Egypt.

The AW109 Power is a highly versatile twin engine helicopter and offers the highest levels of performance with low operating costs. The AW109 Power EMS due to its spacious cabin for patient and medical staff delivers the finest patient care environment of any helicopter in its class. The AW109 Power is certified for single or dual pilot IFR flight and has excellent one engine inoperative performance and has high levels of system redundancy for improved levels of safety.

The spacious patient/medical staff cabin of the AW109 Power for emergency medical service (EMS) is completely separate from the cockpit, allowing 2 or 3 attendants full access to the two longitudinally placed litters without disruption to the cockpit. The co-pilot seat is reversible for an additional medical attendant. Both single and dual litter configurations are available. Internal as well as baggage bay storage are provided with dedicated equipment and patient loading is facilitated through large cabin doors on either side of the fuselage. The internal layout includes provision for the installation of all necessary medical equipment to treat patients whilst in transit. Standard oxygen and power supply units are positioned on both the cabin rear bulkhead and upper side panels.

The operators of AW109 Power EMS helicopters are serving communities around the world helping to save many lives every day of the year, while setting the new standard for aeromedical helicopter in its class. More than 470 helicopters have been ordered for both civil and paramilitary purposes from almost 50 countries. The AW109 Power range of roles also includes VIP/corporate, law enforcement, maritime applications, harbour pilot shuttle, training.

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