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Boeing Upgrades F-18 Training Systems for Finnish Air Force

Boeing today announced that it has delivered upgrades for three F-18 Weapons Tactics and Situational Awareness Training Systems (WTSAT) to the Finnish Air Force. The aircrew trainers now offer the capability to train for aerial refuelling and provide a long-haul networking capability that allows the systems to link over a Wide Area Network.

"These training system upgrades deliver advanced capabilities to our Finnish Air Force customer," said Mark McGraw, vice president of Boeing Training Systems and Services. "Finnish F-18 Hornet pilots at one site will now be able to engage in shared training sessions with pilots at other sites and fly virtual missions together via an industry-recognized high-level architecture, which ensures simulation devices can talk and share data over the network."

The WTSAT features a simulated head-up display, three Debrief Stations (DBS), an upgraded flight program simulation, and enhanced Instructor-Operator Station capabilities.

This delivery also included upgrades for three Deployable Tactics Trainers
(DTTs) delivered in December 2007.

"We have made it easier for the customer to conduct networked training and run their missions," said John Gilbert, WTSAT program manager for Boeing.
"The WTSATs, DTTs, and DBS can now interact simultaneously on simulated missions and debriefs. Training missions that previously required an instructor at each site now can be accomplished with one instructor controlling all the scenarios from one location."

The upgrades integrate a supplier's visual system with Boeing hardware and software. A single software baseline runs in all three devices.

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