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AIS launches new 4:1 miniaturised IMU - less than 1 cubic inch in size

At DSEI this year Atlantic Inertial Systems (AIS) is launching its new miniature silicon Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) known as 'MinIM'. This ruggedized development IMU is less than 1 cubic inch in size, which is 1/4 the size and weight of the Company's established production MEMS IMUs.

MinIM uses the latest capacitive rather than traditional inductive technology, keeping production costs low and this size and cost combination is opening up a whole range of entirely new markets to the benefits of reliable, rugged navigation and guidance.

Hugh Williams, Engineering Director from AIS comments: "We believe this new development from our engineering team answers some pressing needs in the defence market, and in other sectors, and will change the face of navigation and guidance systems in the coming years.

As the nature of operations has changed and military requirements have evolved, there has been an increasing demand for operational accuracy and for reductions in collateral damage. This very small, lightweight and low cost IMU will make rugged and reliable navigation and guidance possible for a huge range of potential applications - platforms that in many instances have not been able to access existing IMU technology."

Among the range of potential applications, MinIM will meet the growing demand for navigation of ever smaller guided munitions and projectiles. It will also provide a solution to the need for effective control of smaller unmanned aircraft and air launched systems. And one innovative application being explored is the installation of MinIM inside a soldier's boot to offer navigation and tracking for individual troops during operations.

You are invited to join AIS at DSEI, at 3.00, on Wednesday Sept 9th

Hall N6, stand 2233 to celebrate the launch of MinIM

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