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BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Group has launched a new Coastal Mobile Surveillance Unit (CMSU) to extend their Mobile Surveillance Unit range. The new vehicle, the CMSU, has an added benefit of a high performance radar which gives the user extended identification capability at long range over coastal regions. This is the first integration of a radar into the equipment giving much extended operational capabilities.

The CMSU will give users such as the police, paramilitary, border and coast guard forces the edge in monitoring, detection, identification and interception of illegal activities affecting border and homeland security.

In addition, the technology on the Land Mobile Surveillance Unit, the CMSU uses high performance radar and military thermal and visual band sensors to provide evidential quality positive identification of suspects at long range. The sensors used include:

· A high performance radar capable of detecting targets at extended ranges out to sea
· BAE SYSTEMS Sigma imager fitted with a 50mm x 250mm switched FOV lens
· Military standard Electro Optics Director
· Optional eyesafe laser range finder, colour TV day camera, low light TV and low light level TV (L3TV) sensors.

Gavin Williamson, Executive Vice President - Land, Sea and Missile Systems with BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Group, said: "This is a very exciting addition to our Surveillance Unit range - it will offer unparalleled capability in securing borders and homeland security.�

"The CMSU is designed for positive identification of human illegal activity over large areas of sea at an affordable price. It can be supplied as either a containerised surveillance system, which can be fitted into any suitable vehicle, or as an integrated van solution, ready fitted to an inconspicuous vehicle for immediate use.�

Inside the CMSU is the operations area designed for use by two operators; one to control the sensor suite and one to control the VCR, data transmission, communications and optional digital map. Three high-resolution flat panel monitors are mounted in the operators console and display the radar, infra red, TV camera scenes, and digital map information. Touch sensitive control panels and a joystick control the functions of the sensor suites. An additional data / video link capability can also be provided to enable transmission from the CMSU to other networked vehicles or to a static command centre.

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