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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK modernizes German minehunters of Class 332

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK to equip five ships of the type MJ 332 with the SeaFox system

Order scope per ship includes six "SeaFox I" vehicles and the associated auxiliary equipment as well as four multifunction consoles comprising the combat management system

Bremen - ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will give five minehunting vessels of the German Navy's "MJ 332" Class an extensive upgrade. The corresponding contract was signed with the Peene-Werft shipyard as the prime contractor.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will replace the old Pinguin B3 mine disposal system with the modern SeaFox suite. The MJ 332 vessels will each be equipped with six "SeaFox I" remotely operated vehicles and 24 storage racks for the "SeaFox C". Together with the necessary software, an advanced mine warfare system including advanced sonar signal and data processing will also be installed: the Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS), comprising four multifunction consoles and the associated electronic rack.

The SeaFox-system is based on the one-shot "expendable mine disposal vehicle" principle for neutralizing sea mines. This approach accelerates the mine destruction process considerably. The unmanned underwater vehicles are used to identify and destroy tethered mines and proud ground mines. The mine is identified by the reusable "Sea-Fox I" vehicle, after which the "SeaFox C" combat vehicle neutralizes the mine with its integrated warhead.

Communication between the command console and the SeaFox sensors takes place through a thin fibre-optic cable. After being processed in the electronic rack, the information is passed to the multifunction console, where it is displayed.

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