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Smiths Detection to Demonstrate Advanced People Screening Solution for Critical Infrastructure for the First Time at ASIS 2009

Ease of Use and Reliability Provide Quick Screening Solution with Minimal Footprint

Smiths Detection will unveil and demonstrate its new people imaging scanner, eqo, at the ASIS International security industry conference in California. Designed to increase throughput while quickly detecting concealed weapons and explosives in security-sensitive buildings and areas, eqo features a unique open design using a fraction of the floor space required by conventional scanners.

Using patented millimeter-wave imaging technology, the eqo screener generates a three-dimensional image revealing any hidden threats as a person passes through a portal and turns in front of a square vertical panel. A remote operator then checks the image for any threatening items hidden on the body or beneath clothing. Privacy filters built into eqo such as face blurring provide anonymity for passengers.

Cherif Rizkalla, President of Security and Inspection, Smiths Detection, said: "eqo is a breakthrough in checkpoint security, enabling any building to have space efficient, state-of-the-art screening systems that provide unrivaled image quality and throughput speeds. Part of the genius of our new screening system is the open design and minimal physical footprint."

Designed with limited lobby space and screening speed concerns in mind, eqo is intended to be installed in high-profile critical infrastructure including government buildings, embassies, jails, federal courthouses, hotels, mass transit hubs, special event venues, major attractions, and sky scrapers. It can also be used for screening at airports.

Mark Laustra, Vice President and General Manager of Homeland Security, Smiths Detection, said: "With its impressive imaging, open design and no moving parts, eqo's second-generation screening technology provides greater security, ease of use and long-term reliability. The creation of eqo is yet another validation of our strong commitment to develop and bring to market sophisticated new technologies that are both reliable and practical security solutions."

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