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Portendo successfully demonstrated their standoff threat detection equipment at EASC09

Portendo, leaders in standoff threat detection equipment, demonstrated the benefits and advantages of their range of threat detection equipment for the homeland security, military and commercial security industries, at EASC09 - The European Atlantic Stakeholder Conference, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Portendos' state of the art technology based on "Raman Spectroscopy", fingerprints a wide range of compounds through their specific chemical signatures, and provides trace detection and distinction of most explosive compounds wherever they may be hidden, be that in vehicles, containers or baggage.

The Portendo P.Eye-S is based on technology originating from the Swedish FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency), which has several years' experience in researching standoff explosives detection. It is the first commercially available product for detecting explosives, warfare agents and hazardous chemicals remotely and at safe distances.

By targeting the surface of a suspicious object the P.Eye-S can detect traces of explosives of less than 100 micrograms. The resulting information is simple to read and enables the security professional to interpret the information quickly, efficiently and safely, negating the need for costly training of staff, downtime of the venue, or threat to personnel.

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