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Boeing Unveils Networked Security 'Shield' at NATO Conference

The Boeing Company is demonstrating a virtual, networked security system for military force protection this week at the NATO-sponsored BELCOAST 09 technology conference at Koksijde Air Base, Belgium.

Boeing's Visual Security Operations Console (VSOC) Virtual Shield integrates a variety of sensors, mobile hardware and command-and-control software to give commanders a centralized tool for establishing and maintaining situational awareness around military bases.

The system collects and collates sensor data in real time, displays the combined data on user-friendly computer consoles, and can be reconfigured quickly to adapt to new situations.

"This force protection system provides a clear, comprehensive and timely picture of the environment around critical infrastructure, even a military base spread over many miles," said Tim Peters, vice president of Boeing Global Security Systems.

"This capability will help military and civilian users identify and neutralize threats rapidly, making people and facilities dramatically safer."

VSOC Virtual Shield builds on Boeing's VSOC Sentinel software to provide a range of configuration options that integrate seamlessly with legacy components.

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