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Alpen Co. Ltd Orders An AW109 Power Helicopter

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, and Kaigai Aviotech Corporation are pleased to announce that Alpen Co. Ltd of Japan has ordered an AW109 Power light twin turbine engine helicopter. This aircraft will be used for VIP/corporate transport purposes and operated from Nagoya. The helicopter is expected to be delivered to customer by the end of this year. This latest order further expands the exceptional success achieved by the AW109 Power in the Japan helicopter market, particularly for VIP/corporate transport and law enforcement applications.

The AW109 Power is a highly versatile light twin engine helicopter offering outstanding levels of performance with low operating costs. Ensuring superior speed, capacity, productivity and ease of maintenance, it sets the new standard in its class in the world market thanks to its features. Over 470 helicopters have been ordered from nearly 50 countries so far to perform a number of missions also including VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, emergency medical services, harbour pilot shuttle, maritime duties and training.

AgustaWestland and Kaigai Aviotech Corporation signed a distribution agreement in 2007 for the sale of AW119 Ke, AW109 Power and Grand commercial models in Japan. Customers in Japan also benefit from leading support solutions which include a spare parts centre headquartered at the Tokyo Heliport. AgustaWestland has seen its position and share of the Japan helicopter market steadily increase in recent years to become a major supplier of helicopters to both the commercial and government markets and the company sees significant business opportunities in the future.

Established in Nagoya in 1972, Alpen Co. Ltd is a leading company whose business includes the manufacture and retail of ski equipment as well as other sporting goods also including golf, tennis, marine sports, baseball and leisure goods and management of ski resorts and golf courses.

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