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Boeing Submits Small Diameter Bomb II Contract Proposal to US Air Force

Boeing submitted a proposal to the U.S. Air Force on Nov. 5 for the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase of the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) II weapon system program, following the completion of a successful 42-month risk reduction program.

"Our SDB II design offers a new level of capability to U.S. warfighters," said Debra Rub, Boeing Weapons Programs vice president. "The Boeing SDB II solution builds on our success with SDB Increment I, and we're confident it will be the weapon of choice for new and existing military platforms. We look forward to supporting our Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps customers as the program moves into the next phase."

SDB II expands SDB I's capabilities with the addition of an advanced multimode seeker and a two-way data link. The seeker provides terminal guidance that enables the weapon to detect, classify, prioritize and attack high-value moving targets while retaining SDB I's ability to engage stationary targets. The data link provides in-flight communication with the weapon.

During the risk reduction program, the Boeing-led SDB II team completed three successful development test flights that demonstrated system performance and verified the weapon's design and producability. The team also completed more than 50 captive-carry flight tests of the seeker, data link and guidance system aboard Boeing's test bed aircraft.
"We have arrived at this milestone with a next-generation weapon system that will play a vital role in helping our warfighters complete their missions. Boeing's SDB II proposal provides a low-risk solution with the capacity to meet today's requirements and the flexibility to address evolving threats," Rub said. "Whether the situation calls for standoff strike capability or close air support on high-value targets, Boeing's SDB II is the right weapon."
Boeing, if selected as the prime contractor on the SDB II program, will provide the air vehicle and system integration, while teammate Lockheed Martin will supply the seeker and key system supplier Harris Corp. will provide the data link.

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