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Korea Coast Guard Orders Another AW139 Helicopter

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Korean Government has signed a contract for one more AW139 medium-twin helicopter in Maritime Patrol configuration for the Korea Coast Guard. The order represents the third helicopter to be sold to the Korea Coast Guard and the sixth AW139 helicopter to be sold to the Republic of Korea. Earlier in the year the first AW139 was delivered to the Gangwon Fire Fighting Department and recently Samsung Corporation took delivery of its first of two AW139 corporate helicopters.

On the 10th December 2009 the first two Korea Coast Guard AW139 Maritime Patrol Helicopters were handed over to the Coast Guard during a ceremony held at Gimpo Airport in Seoul. Speaking after the ceremony Andrew Symonds, Vice President NE Asia, AgustaWestland, said "The delivery of the first two AW139 helicopters represents a significant stepping stone in developing the market in Korea and we are proud to be ale to achieve this by working closely with such a professional organization as the Korea Coast Guard. The contract for a third AW139 helicopter order not only demonstrates the expansion of the AW139 into the demanding and rigorous role of offshore search and rescue but indicates how the AW139 is highly considered by organizations such as the Korea Coast Guard."

The Korea Coast Guard AW139 will be used for Maritime Patrol, SAR and EMS missions and will be equipped with Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR), search/weather radar, rescue hoist, emergency flotation system and a four-axis autopilot with SAR modes.

The AW139 is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards against which all new search and rescue-dedicated medium twin helicopters are measured. Designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation, the AW139 is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers or six litters with four medical attendants at the highest speed, in the most spacious cabin and with the best power reserve of any other helicopter in the medium twin-engine class. The internal dimensions of the AW139's roomy unobstructed cabin make it an ideal choice for SAR applications. The flat floor and unobstructed ceiling provide maximum cabin flexibility for easy and quick conversions to various configurations.

The Pratt & Whitney engines with FADEC together with a state-of-the-art 5-bladed main rotor provides excellent maximum cruise speed in demanding hot and high conditions at all weights, with outstanding power to weight ratio. Extensive range and endurance allows extended search patrols and the AW139's excellent one engine inoperative capability ensures the aircraft can safely complete its required missions. Cutting edge technology includes the Honeywell Primus Epic® fully integrated avionics, a 4-axis digital AFCS and large flat panel colour displays in the cockpit, reducing pilot workload and allowing the crew to concentrate on the patrol and rescue missions.

The AW139 has become the benchmark medium-twin helicopter and orders for more than 440 helicopters have been placed by more than 120 commercial, government and military customers from almost 50 countries to perform a wide range of roles including maritime protection, search and rescue, law enforcement, emergency medical services, offshore transportation and VIP transport.

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