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Fiberweb's DEFENCELL Engineered Protection System Deployed from U.S. to Haiti for Immediate Aid in Humanitarian Relief Efforts

Lightweight, Protective Construction System Specified for Haitian Operations

DEFENCELL Engineered Protection System will be used to assist in the reconstruction of critical infrastructure as part of the relief efforts in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This system's compact transportation footprint, versatile applications and easy installation made it an ideal choice for establishing replacement structures in a devastated area where deployment time was critical.

DEFENCELL is a cellular construction system designed to be filled with earth, sand or aggregate to produce protective walls and structures where traditional building materials may not be available. As part of the Haitian requirement, sufficient DefenCell has already been delivered to build more than 6,500 feet (2,000 linear meters) of wall 8 feet high (2.5 meters). This entire consignment was delivered in a single truck and air-lifted from the US. The lightweight and compact nature of DefenCell allows it to be broken down into smaller loads for movement to the construction locations over possibly rough and difficult terrain.
The 41,000-pound shipment reached its destination within 3 days of leaving the manufacturing site in Tennessee.

According to Arthur Cashin, Business Director-GeoCells of Fiberweb Americas, DEFENCELL Engineered Protection Systems are suitable for many applications from simple structures and emergency shelter walls to helping secure compounds in relief situations or in and around military operating bases. "Due to its versatility and rugged design, the DEFENCELL system can be used in a variety of semi-permanent structures for several years while rebuilding efforts are taking place. We are pleased that our products can provide peace of mind in these troubled times," says Cashin.

Jeremy Milton, International Sales Manager at Distributors J&S Franklin Limited, adds "DEFENCELL systems combine established cellular design with a strong, durable geotextile fabric that has been tested in critical operations around the world. All the components are man-portable and can be deployed without the use of heavy mechanical handling equipment." Manufactured in the United States and United Kingdom, DEFENCELL systems have been deployed in Afghanistan and other hostile environments in various field applications. The system is strong, resistant to moisture degradation and incorporates enhanced UV resistance for operations in harsh climates. The system has flexibility in both design and building configuration while requiring only limited ground preparation.

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