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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group at Oceanology International OI10
in London

The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group is fielding a strong presence at the Oceanology International, the world's premier meeting place for the marine science and ocean technology community. For the first time the unmanned underwater vehicle "SeaWolf" is on display, a system which is qualified for harbour and offshore protection, amongst several other applications.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is a leading electronics and systems company which specializes in electronic equipment and systems for naval defence requirements as well as non-military maritime applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, it offers tailored solutions for maritime security, UUVs/AUVs, environmental assessment and hydrography. ATLAS cooperates closely with universities and research institutes.

At the OI 2010 the company is showcasing the "SeaWolf" and the AUV "SeaOtter" as a model. The "SeaOtter" is qualified for pipeline and offshore observation.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK will be participating with a number of its subsidiaries:

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK designs, develops and implements comprehensive, tailored naval solutions for its customers, combining an appetite for technological innovation with the highest standards of product performance, quality and reliability. The company will be presenting its Synthetic Aperture Sonar product "Vision 600", which offers high resolution and an increased coverage rate in an affordable modular package.

ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC provides worldwide hydrographic survey solutions for ports and waterways, for charting EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) and deep-ocean areas. Its products range from single-beam survey echosounders through sub-bottom profil-ers to multi-beam sonars for shallow to very deep waters. Using the example of the oceanographic research vessel PLANET, ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC is presenting a hydroacoustic survey suite with proven components such as the ATLAS HYDROSWEEP DS and ATLAS PARASOUND.

ATLAS MARIDAN is a specialist developer of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Furthermore, the company provides navigation systems for underwater vehicles, integration of payload instruments, and data fusion between payload and naviga-tion & mission management.

From March 09 to 11, the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group will be located at stand H400.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stands for maritime security. For decades now, ATLAS - as a leading systems supplier for naval electronics - has been helping navies around the globe make the sea a safer place.

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