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J&S Franklin Launch Defencell Profile300 - Unobtrusive Protection for Critical Infrastructure

The threat posed by terrorism and natural disasters such as the widespread flooding we have seen in recent years, pose a special problem for anyone involved in the safety and security of our critical infrastructure and public buildings.

The dilemma is striking a balance between safety and security without turning our ports, airports, government and public buildings into fortresses.

But it is indeed possible to maintain a high level of security whilst offering unobtrusive landscaped features around critical infrastructure buildings.

J&S Franklin Limited, manufacturers of DefenCell Force Protection System has launched DefenCell Profile300 Protection System. This textile, cellular, containment system which, when filled with locally sourced or selected fill materials, can be used to create a wide variety of unobtrusive specific barrier shaped and sized structures to meet any particular protection requirements.

Developed from DefenCell, the unique force protection system, Profile300 has expanded upon the initial products strengths and versatility to emerge as a perfect solution to offering inconspicuous protection of public buildings, perimeter security, and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) protection.

Profile 300 is made from strong geotextile materials, which when layered in construction can be used to build barriers, berms or bunds. Due to the structure of Profile300, and its ease of installation, it is ideally suited for use in environmentally, and visually sensitive locations, where it can be easily grassed or planted, and quickly blends into the surroundings, whilst still providing a proven, superior, substantial protection from terrorist attack and environmental threats.

It is its cellular design that not only provides strength but also makes it more flexible for the design and construction of protection systems. It can be cut and shaped as needs require without losing any of its inherent strength or integrity, and can be driven on by heavy machinery right from laying the first layer, meaning it can be driven on during filling.

The same system can be deployed in a wide variety of roles, including ground stabilisation, construction access, barriers, flood barriers, and protection of critical infrastructure sites.

DefenCell PROFILE 300 is currently protecting several unnamed critical infrastructure sites within the United Kingdom.

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