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EADS Defence & Security and Atlas Elektronik join forces to create Sofrelog Atlas Maritime Security, a leading global provider of maritime safety and security solutions

22 June 2010 - EADS Defence & Security (DS) and Atlas Elektronik (AE) have decided to consolidate their position in the maritime safety and security market by merging their subsidiaries Sofrelog, acquired by DS in 2006, and Atlas Maritime Security, a spin-off of AE. This joint venture will take the form of a strong and flexible SME tailored to meet specific customer needs in this market. Named Sofrelog Atlas Maritime Security (SA Maritime Security), the new company will be co-owned by EADS Defence & Security (60%) and Atlas Elektronik (40%).

The merger will be closed and implemented subject to clearance decisions by the competent anti-trust authorities expected in the course of 2010.

By combining the activities of Atlas Maritime Security and Sofrelog, DS and AE intend to create a company that possesses all the assets needed to become a leader in the provision of maritime safety and security systems. It will draw on the long-standing expertise of Atlas Maritime Security and Sofrelog in Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems and Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS).

The new company will rely on a total workforce of over 170 highly skilled maritime surveillance specialists in Germany and France, as well as on its large customer base with more than 210 VTS and CSS systems in use in some 50 countries. It will have the required financial strength to deliver the large-scale security solutions required by governments and maritime users throughout the world.

SA Maritime Security will address markets worldwide with innovative, reliable and cost effective products ranging from small-scale vessel traffic service systems to high-performance coastal surveillance solutions. It will also provide solutions for harbour security, port management and information systems and other related radar processing applications. SA Maritime Security will benefit from its capability to integrate the latest sensor systems, communications and data processing technologies. Significant investments in cutting-edge technologies and in developing markets for surveillance systems will ensure that the new company meets its customers' high expectations at all times.

"With this merger we are creating a leading company in the worldwide maritime security market, uniting Europe's experts in this field. Our strong position will enable us to win contracts and deliver large security systems as in the border security programmes recently won by DS," declared Hervé Guillou, CEO of Defence and Communications Systems.

"This is a crucial step towards strengthening our coastal surveillance and vessel traffic business and enhancing the capabilities of Atlas Maritime Security to tap the future opportunities of a growing worldwide market. Combining the skills and capabilities of both companies will enable customers to benefit from an improved quality of service and the united power of innovation and technologies," said Dieter Rottsieper and Kai Horten, managing directors of Atlas Elektronik.

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