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Smiths Detection announces next-generation mobile high-energy X-ray cargo screeners

HCVM 3 Series Enables Quick Threat Detection and Throughput with Advanced Scanning Features

Smiths Detection today announces its third generation, mobile high-energy X-ray cargo series, which provides enhanced security features and is capable of screening 150 vehicles or containers per hour.

The HCVM 3 (Heimann Cargo Vision Mobile) series improves threat identification through its viZualâ„¢ technology which uses color-coded material discrimination to distinguish between organic and inorganic substances. Operational in less than 15 minutes, the system offers flexible scanning heights for different vehicle or load dimensions and adjustable scanning angles with a variety of scanning modes.

Smiths Detection President Stephen Phipson, CBE, said: "The HCVM 3 series demonstrates Smiths Detection's commitment to technology leadership in mobile high-energy screening systems. Our customers want solutions that provide increased intelligence and more operational efficiency which are met through our next-generation scanners' system enhancements and remote management capabilities."

HCVM scanners provide non-intrusive inspection of fully-loaded trucks, containers and vehicles for threats and contraband including explosives, weapons of mass destruction, narcotics and other illegal items. The advanced systems substantially reduce time-consuming manual inspections at ports, border crossings, airports and other cargo checkpoints.

The advanced HCVM series is available in truck and trailer versions which give operators the freedom to use their own towing equipment or an independent mobile screening system.

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