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Smiths Detection Enhances Hazmat Portable Detector for Emergency Responders

Alluviam Partnership Integrates Decision-Support Software to Boost Mitigation of IEDs, Homemade Explosives, Biological Hazards and Chemical Incidents

Smiths Detection today announces it will integrate advanced decision-support software into its handheld unknown substance identifier, the HazMatID Rangerâ„¢, to provide emergency responders with enhanced, in-built information on handling threats.

The software, Alluviam's HazMasterG3®, is designed to provide mission-critical guidance on how to handle unknown threats. Its integration into the HazMatID Ranger will help emergency responders protect the general public by providing faster response times and greater safety through eliminating known delays.

Rod Wilson, Vice President of Products, Smiths Detection, said: "Our partnership with Alluviam represents a significant step forward for Smiths Detection's emergency response toolkit. The combination of our handheld HazMatID Ranger with their HazMasterG3 software creates the most effective handheld tool available to provide mission-critical guidance to emergency responders."

The HazMatID Ranger's durability and portability equip it for a diverse range of missions where unknown dangerous substances are suspected. The system identifies solids, gels and liquids, such as unknown white powders, as well as screening for biological using FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) chemical identification technology.

Thais Miguel, Vice President of Business Development at Alluviam, said: "We are excited by the integration of our HazMasterG3 Extended Edition software with Smiths Detection's HazMat ID sensor platform. The HazMasterG3 advanced decision support answers key questions and provides tactical situational awareness for emergency responders who face homemade explosives, chemical warfare agents or improvised explosive threats on a daily basis."

The HazMatID Ranger featuring the HazMasterG3 software will be on display at AUSA in Washington, D.C., October 25-27, 2010 in the Smiths Detection booth #4111.

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