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Smiths Detection Helps Secure Super Bowl

Leading Threat Detection and Identification Systems Used to Help Ensure Safety at Game

Smiths Detection today announced multiple local and national security agencies used the company's threat detection systems and training to help secure the Super Bowl in addition to other events and venues associated with the football championship game.

Leading up to the event and on game day, teams of law enforcement and counterterrorism officials had a variety of Smiths Detection tools for air monitoring, entrance screening and response to any potential unknown chemical threat or biological substance.

Bob Bohn, Vice President of Sales, Smiths Detection, said, "We are honored to provide the capabilities and training needed for quick and accurate threat detection and identification in order to help protect the people attending the Super Bowl and other high-profile events. Our thorough preparations combined with the ability to customize threat detection libraries enable emergency response teams to monitor for and react quickly to potential threats. This mitigates any incidents and ensures public safety while minimizing disruptions."

Smiths Detection hosted 10 days of free workshops for emergency response teams involved in the event. The training courses were designed to teach teams proper sampling and operational techniques as well as how to use several functions and features only available in Smiths Detection's systems. These included creating site-specific chemical libraries to facilitate quicker identification of unknown substances.

Smiths Detection systems used to detect chemical, biological, radiological and explosive threats included the LCD, HGVI, and GasID for gas and vapor detection and identification, the HazmatID, HazMatID Ranger and RespondeR RCI for identification of suspicious liquids, powders and gels, the Prime Alert and BioSeeq PLUS for biological threat assessment as well as a system for radiation assessment.

Smiths Detection has also provided threat detection and security screening systems for Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and Pan American Games as well as the G-20 Summit and United Nations Congress.

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