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Smiths Detection Launches More Accurate and Reliable Handheld Radiation Detector and Identifier

‘RadSeeker' Greatly Increases Accuracy, Identifying Masked or Shielded Rad-Nuc Threats Faster and At Greater Distances

Smiths Detection today launched a new, more accurate and capable handheld radiation detector called the "RadSeeker" to identify radiological and nuclear threats. The device, with superior performance capabilities, small size, and durability, has a wide array of applications from enabling civil defense and first responder rad-nuc search operations to helping port and border personnel with cargo, container and vehicle screening.

Dr. Brian Boso, Smiths Detection Chief Scientist, said: "RadSeeker puts the most powerful and accurate radiation detection capabilities literally in the palm of the hand. We believe it will greatly increase accuracy, efficiency, and versatility in finding and identifying rad-nuc threats. Smiths Detection is now able to provide technology that can detect threats in all major areas of concern to national and homeland security, including: chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive."

Designed to meet the requirements of both the industry's ANSI N42.34-2006 performance standard and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), Radseeker offers greater speed and accuracy in detecting and identifying rad-nuc threat materials, including masked and shielded Special Nuclear Materials (SNMs). It maintains accuracy in all operating conditions through a patent-pending automatic stabilization process that eliminates the need for field or periodic recalibration.

RadSeeker is a lightweight instrument for use in all field operating conditions, since it is ruggedized against the effects of impact as well as extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Manufactured in Smiths Detection's facility in Danbury, Connecticut, the RadSeeker has passed extensive testing by government and test laboratories.

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