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UK Cabinet Office and Paradigm participate at this year's Critical National Infrastructure, 9th June, 2011

The UK Governments Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat is delivering the High Integrity Telecommunications System (HITS) in partnership with Paradigm Secure Communications and the UK Ministry of Defence.

HITS is a secure and resilient satellite-based communications system capable of delivering secure data and telecommunications whilst operating completely independently from the main UK telephone network.

The system is designed to provide telephone and internet communications to the emergency services and related agencies in the event of a national emergency when existing landline or mobile networks are either down or seriously degraded.

Whether it is a terrorist attack, industrial accident or natural disaster, the HITS system will ensure that central government and emergency services are able to communicate effectively either via satellite phone or via the internet.
HITS, which is based on the Ministry of Defence's advanced secure military satellite Skynet 5 network, has fixed terminals deployed at key locations throughout England and Wales, mainly within Police Strategic Command Centres.

The service also includes mobile terminals that can be deployed to designated locations, either as backup or to support regional operations. These terminals along with up to 10 phones and laptops can be on the road within six hours of an emergency call out by the cabinet office.

The Cabinet Office has made HITS available for a wider role and was successfully deployed for policing the Ryder Cup in 2010 and more recently for the visit of the Pope to the UK.

Funded by the UK Cabinet Office the service is provided free of charge to all regional Police and Emergency Services in England and Wales.

Charles Raynor (HITS Project Co-ordinator, Resilient Telecommunications, Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) Cabinet Office will giving a talk in the Albany suite at 11.30am on the 9th.


Introduction to the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat
• Resilient telecom Strategy in the CCS
• CCS Resilient Telecoms Projects
• The High Integrity Telecommunications System (HITS)
• Discussion & Questions

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