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J & S Franklin are excited to launch the NEW Non-Metallic DefenCell MRG (Multi Role Gabion) at DEFENCE & SECURITY EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL (DSEi 2011)

The Multi Role Gabion is completely non-metallic;

It causes NO RF interference
It DOES NOT affect IED detection or jamming and
It produces NO secondary shrapnel
It is compact, lightweight and easy to deploy

The MRG is built on the operational and logistical advantages of the already proven DefenCell Barriers

For a full briefing on this new launch, together with the latest developments in DefenCell, please visit J&S Franklin on Stand No: S5-389 in the UK area

J & S Franklin will be exhibiting the full range of their new generation of Force Protection Systems.

The DefenCell Wall System has been developed to enable force protection walls to be built very rapidly in operational conditions. Successive layers of DefenCell are built to the desired height.
The Profile300 has been developed from DefenCell, and has expanded upon the initial products strengths and versatility to emerge as a perfect solution to offering inconspicuous protection of public buildings, perimeter security, and HVM protection. DefenCell PROFILE 300 is currently protecting several critical infrastructure sites within the United Kingdom.
The DefenCell Barrier System is ideal for a wide range of security applications, including vehicle barriers, guard post protection and checkpoints. It is lightweight and easily installed using locally available fill materials, even with variable or mixed fills to suit different threats. The system is very compact and can be stored and hand carried for rapid deployment in emergency and operational conditions. DefenCell can be deployed vertically, unfilled, to provide containment barriers.

The DefenCell Perimeter Security System is designed to be employed to provide perimeter security in many situations, from enhancing existing security systems and fences, to providing structural integrity to long perimeter barriers. DefenCell can be built to virtually any height and profiled to provide protection against specific threats.

The DefenCell Flood Protection System uses established geocell technology and can be utilised for a selection of civil and emergency flood protection applications. Terram geotextile material drains easily and water will soon filter from wet fill to leave a solid protective barrier.

For more information contact:
Franklin House
151 Strand
United Kingdom
Tel:     +44 20 7836 5746
Fax:     +44 20 7836 2784



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