Smiths Detection2011-10-07 05:51:58

Smiths Detection deploys 150 advanced security systems at federal prisons in Argentina

Smiths Detection today announced the deployment of over 150 state-of-the-art security systems to help prevent the smuggling of narcotics, weapons, explosives, cell phones, and other dangerous materials into Argentine federal prisons.

The orders, placed by the SPF (Servicio Penitenciario Federal), encompass a variety of Smiths Detection's technologies and solutions providing an integrated approach to prison security.

Smiths Detection worked with its local representative Dainippon Electronic to obtain these orders which include X-ray scanners to inspect personal belongings, trace detection equipment focused on narcotics but with simultaneous explosives detection capability, systems for chemical identification of unknown substances, and advanced people screening technology for narcotics and weapon detection.

Eduardo Parodi, Director of Sales for Latin America and Caribbean, Smiths Detection, said: "This project represents the largest single procurement of Detection and Identification technologies for prison infrastructure in Latin America in 2011. We will continue to provide the high-quality local service we offer to our customers through out the region."

Smiths Detection is the world's leading provider of advanced security technology; deploying more than 65,000 X-ray inspection units in 180 countries, 10,000 explosives trace detection systems, 186,000 chemical detectors, and more than 460 cargo inspection systems worldwide.

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