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SOTER body scanner offers alternative to strip searching in custodial establishments

On April 2nd, 2012, the US Supreme Court ruled that jail officials may strip search people arrested for ANY offence.

Justice Kennedy stated, "Correctional officials have a legitimate interest, indeed a responsibility, to ensure that jails are not made less secure by reason of what new detainees may carry in or on their bodies. Facility personnel, other inmates, and the new detainee himself or herself may be in danger if these threats are introduced into the jail population."

In the 5-to-4 decision, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote that courts are in no position to second-guess the judgments of correctional officials who must consider not only the possibility of smuggled weapons and drugs, but also public health and information about gang affiliations.

"Every detainee who will be admitted to the general population may be required to undergo a close visual inspection while undressed," Justice Kennedy wrote. He added that approximately 13 million people are processed through the Nation's jails yearly.

OD Security's SOTER RS through Body scanner can provide a highly effective, alternative to the costly, and humiliating strip search. It is a low dosage full body scanner which combines ultra low radiation with maximum visibility. Within seconds the SOTER RS reveals hidden items, such as weapons, narcotics or other contraband. It doesn't even have to be metal. The SOTER RS shows a clear difference between human tissues and other materials. Even ingested or camouflaged items will be shown.

Operation of the SOTER RS is simple, so Prison Officials need no specialist training or medical knowledge to recognise drugs, or operate the machine. It also uses a miniscule dose of radiation and so is harmless to operators and prisoners.

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