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BAE Systems Platform Solutions has been awarded a contract by Lockheed
Martin for the initial design of an alternate helmet-mounted display
(HMD) system for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. The helmet
design is based heavily on the design of the Eurofighter Typhoon binocular
helmet, which is in the final stages of development.

The F-35 JSF alternate HMD will be a high-resolution, binocular system
driven by powerful processor and graphics processor modules. The head
tracker, based on that in the Typhoon helmet, is a high speed,
high-accuracy, low-latency optical system. The helmet will be designed to
display "virtual HUD (Head-Up Display)" symbology and video imagery from the
F-35 sensors and also will be compatible with helmet-mounted
high-resolution night vision cameras.

The Eurofighter helmet that serves as the basis for the F-35 design
recently passed a series of stringent tests, including impact and
penetration to U.K. and European standards, 600-plus-knot windblast, and
600-plus-knot ejection. In addition, high "g" comfort and stability testing
has been carried out on the Hawk and Gripen aircraft, ensuring a high
degree of confidence in the helmet configuration that will allow BAE
Systems to quickly develop the helmet to meet the F-35 specification and
the customer's schedule requirements.

The helmet's fully integrated design ensures the compatibility of
protection, life support, and electro-optics, and also incorporates the
integration of a respirator for protection in nuclear, biological, and
chemical environments.

Of three aircraft variants being developed under the multinational
Joint Strike Fighter program, the UK Royal Navy and Royal Air Force will
fly the short take-off and vertical landing version, designated F-35B.

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