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Smiths Detection X-ray Customers Offered Real-Time 24/7 Contact with MSA Security Certified Bomb Technicians

Operators of Smiths Detection's advanced X-ray security scanners will have the option to select real-time access to specialist review and analysis of suspected threat images provided by MSA Security, under an agreement between the two companies.

Smiths Detection's Hi-Scan X-ray systems will allow customers to use MSA SmartTechâ„¢ technology to provide around-the-clock access to certified bomb technicians for image evaluation and operational support. This service option can help them identify suspicious items and also mitigate concerns about making needless building evacuations and business disruption. Initially, this option will be offered for U.S. customers.

Jim Viscardi, Smiths Detection Vice President for US Critical Infrastructure & Emergency Response, said: "The opportunity for Customers to select our X-ray systems with MSA Security's SmartTech technology enables them to add an additional layer to their critical infrastructure security. With just a touch of a button, an X-ray operator can now seek fast professional review of suspect images by MSA Security's expert staff, improving security as well as reducing the chance of unnecessary evacuations."

Michael O'Neil, President of MSA Security, said: "This partnership combines best-in-class X-ray systems with real time support and image interpretation from the security industry's only cadre of bomb technicians to provide faster and more accurate threat analysis." MSA Security's SmartTech offering is a DHS SAFETY Act certified technology that uses proprietary high speed encrypted image and voice configuration to transmit difficult or suspect images from customers' X-ray machines to the MSA Emergency Operations Center in New York City.

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