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STRONGWATCH announced it is collaborating with General Dynamics Information Technology, a leading global provider of IT services, on a Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS) for U.S. border security.

General Dynamics will provide services and support for STRONGWATCH's FREEDOM On-The-Move, a lightweight, transportable MVSS.

As a part of the collaboration, General Dynamics IT will provide cost-effective, cutting-edge technology, installation, training, logistics, operations and maintenance to ensure premium service and support. Each MVSS will provide a day/night surveillance capability that can be deployed on Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) 4x4 vehicles wherever they can safely maneuver. The MVSS will be deployed to provide surveillance when intelligence indicators signal that items of interest are in or approaching an area.

In addition, MVSS will augment fixed surveillance systems that have line-of-sight coverage gaps caused by existing infrastructure, terrain (e.g. ravines or washes), or vegetation. Each system will require one agent for operation and one or more agent(s) to respond to detected traffic.

"Our FREEDOM On-The-Move System, backed by the leading support of General Dynamics IT, offers a powerful combination for border security," said STRONGWATCH Chairman & CEO, Mike Powell. "With our proven technology reinforced by General Dynamics' expertise, we will offer a low-risk, rugged, capabilities-based solution that will fulfill border security requirements in the most timely manner possible."

STRONGWATCH's FREEDOM On-The-Move System is designed for border interdiction operations that require tactical versatility, advanced electro-optical infrared (EOIR) and laser payload capabilities as well as rapid deployment and mission safety and effectiveness support. Mechanically stabilized, the system is composed of an advanced cooled thermal infrared sensor, HD color camera, an eye-safe tactical laser illuminator and a precision range finder along with geo-location capabilities. It also includes a proprietary 3rd generation vehicle integration system offering the greatest availability of the asset that is rapidly transportable to multiple OEM fleet vehicles already in service with CBP.

STRONGWATCH's family of products are currently deployed across the Southern U.S. Border with Mexico by various law enforcement and counter terrorism agencies for similar mission payload and CONOPS capabilities. STRONGWATCH fielded its first generation of such systems with the U.S. Army in 2010 for counter sniper, anti-ambush in Afghanistan.

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