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Astrium partners with SFR to launch the "Valise satellitaire" ("satellite suitcase")

Astrium and SFR, France's second-largest telecoms operator, have signed a partnership for the launch of the "Valise satellitaire" ("satellite suitcase") service in France. The contract was signed at the 50th International Paris Air Show by Astrium Services CEO Evert Dudok and SFR Business Team Executive Director Pierre Barnabé.

Presented at the Paris Air Show, the "satellite suitcase" entirely developed by Astrium Services and SFR, enables users with an SFR Business Team line who need to stay connected at all times to do so without being dependent on traditional operators and without having to change their phone or number, and also retaining their contacts, settings etc.

Versatile and easy to set up, the "satellite suitcase" service enables an extension of the GSM network to be established in just a few minutes anywhere in France. The "satellite suitcase" is particularly suited for senior officials, celebrities, or security forces wanting to communicate at all times, even in the event of no GSM network coverage or network saturation - particularly in case of major events (demonstrations, sporting events) or crises (natural disasters, terrorist attack etc).

The "satellite suitcase" is connected to ground networks via satellite and is therefore totally independent from the telecommunications networks in the zone where it is deployed. This continued availability, is the best guarantee for users that they can communicate with the outside world at all times. The service is flexible and can be a zone covering anything from 200 meters to several kilometres and allows up to 1000 users.

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