World Security Report2013-07-03 08:28:05

CEM Systems has announced that the AC2000 security management system has been selected to secure the offices of the 5-star Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines required a security solution that was powerful yet reliable and could be integrated with a variety of systems to form a complete security management system (SMS).

AC2000 met the requirements for high level integration using the AC2000 DSC SIA Intruder Interface and the AC2000 American Dynamics TVR video interface. These modules allow the AC2000 access control system to act as the security management system (SMS), with DSC intrusion and American Dynamics range of digital video recorders visible from one unified platform. The AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) application forms a single user-friendly interface were administrators can centrally monitor access control, intruder and video systems, all in real time.

In addition, an AC2000 Application Programming Interface (API) has been provided to allow the seamless integration of an external visitor registration system to the AC2000 system visitor's module. This allows Malaysian Airlines to transfer critical data from an existing visitor system for operational efficiency.

The system at Malaysia Airlines also features the latest in web functionality with AC2000 WEB Visitors. The module provides a powerful web-based tool which can be used to monitor visitor access from any location. AC2000 WEB Visitors provides users with the ability add full details of a schedule visit including date, time, sponsor details and even a visitor image via a standard web browser.

UCEM has also provided Malaysia Airlines with a stable solution with a high level of redundancy. Server redundancy has been achieved using AC2000 Failover which provides a failsafe secondary server and the highest assurance of system reliability should communication be temporarily lost with the central AC2000 server.

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