World Security Report2013-07-16 10:34:55

Vision-Box® video surveillance system deployed at World Cup Stadium

Vision-Box® deployed video surveillance system at the Arena Castelão Stadium will allow monitoring and control of the entire arena and surrounding area.

The solution included the installation of over 250 IP surveillance cameras, distributed throughout the arena, operated by the authorities through the Vision-Box Video Management System SentrySpider®, with integration to the Building Management System (BMS) and the Ticketing Access Control to better track supporters. The solution is fully compliant with the official FIFA requirements for World Cup stadiums.

The video surveillance solution will ensure the safety of not only the supporters but also the security of existing equipment. In order to guarantee the safety of all VIPs that will attend the World Cup games, a priority corridor was defined for a better and more efficient monitoring of this particular group.

Additionally, whenever a supporter enters the arena, its ticket will be indexed with a picture taken by the surveillance system deployed by Vision-Box® to ease the identification of people if needed, using Vision-Box facial recognition technology Facelink®.

The control and supervision of the entire system will be carried out through a state of the art graphical interface optimized for operators, supported by a full IP videowall, which will allow the rapid identification of any situation that deserves attention, real-time view of the entire arena and interconnection with other systems in order to expedite the process response, if necessary.

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