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Technocover has successfully completed testing to LPS 1175 issue 7 of its full range of UltraSecure upstand covers and flush fit covers for security ratings (SR) 2, 3 and 4.

The Welshpool (Powys, UK) based LPCB security product specialist has positive test data for all variants of its upstand and flush-fitting high security access covers for SR 2, 3 and 4. This includes single, twin, triple and multiple leaf options, for clear openings up to 4900mm, in both upstand and flush-fit UltraSecure ranges.

With testing complete, Technocover is underway with final design documentation prior to the revision of specifier data and LPCB Red Book entries. It concludes an 18 month programme that has seen the complete UltraSecure access cover range to SR 2, 3 or 4, plus new models in the pipeline - over 50 variants in all - undergo LPCB testing for full line certification to issue 7 of LPS 1175.

managing director, Michael Miles said "The programme has been a significant commitment of time, resources and investment, but further strengthens our capability to meet customer requirements and maintain our lead in water security."

Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175: Issue 7 is the current version of the key security testing standard (‘Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong-points and security enclosures') used for LPCB product certification.

New issues of the standard are periodically released when updates and upgrades are made to the attack tools, attack times and/or test methodology used in LPS1175 to rate the level of physical protection provided by compliant products. LPCB approves security products to eight current security ratings, from 1 to the highest 8.

Mr Miles warns: "There is still a misconception among some that a manufacturer's LPS 1175 certification for a specific size extends to other size options and configurations in that range. This can lead to the inadvertent use of uncertified products leaving the specifier and asset owner with no redress if problems arise.

"Issue 7 approval of every cover option in our SR 2, 3 and 4 UltraSecure cover ranges will give clients absolute assurance that they are installing a certified product."

He points out that specifiers should always confirm that the cover type, size and security level sought are listed in the LPCB Red Book which also includes the LPS 1175 issue of testing.

In addition to upstand and flush-fitting covers, Technocover's UltraSecure range includes LPCB approved key entry or padlock doors, louvres, bar sets, cylinder clamps, modular mesh panels, enclosures and buildings for the full spectrum of critical national infrastructure protection.

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