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Albania Extends Morpho ID Concession into e-Services

Morpho (Safran) announced today that it has been selected to continue providing identity document management services to Albania. The company signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Albania, represented by the Ministry of Interior, to extend the identity document production and distribution concession set up by Aleat* for an additional period of ten years. The agreement also includes the provision of a platform giving access to e-Services. This new step is part of the Government's Digital Albania initiative aimed at improving delivery of public and private online services to its citizens.

The concession was created in 2008 to manage the entire production process (enrollment, personalization, issuance and distribution) of high-security biometric identity cards and passports. Over 2.6 million e-Passports and 3.2 million e-ID cards have already been produced, bringing many benefits to the Albanian population. Since 2010, holders of the new e-Passports can travel in the Schengen Area without a visa, which was previously a mandatory requirement for all Albanians.

Morpho will continue to produce state-of-the-art identity documents which will integrate additional features for enhanced security.

The new Morpho eTrusted Identity Services platform will provide convenient, seamless and secure access to e-services. Using devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, Albanian citizens will be able to carry out online transactions both public (tax declarations, birth certificate applications...) and private (banking, insurance, legal...).

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