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Dallas/Fort Worth Police Agencies Deploy 245 AXON Flex Cameras by TASER

TASER has announced multiple new deployments of its AXON flexâ„¢ on-officer cameras and service. These orders were received in the third quarter and are expected to ship in the third quarter. The hardware revenue will be recognized in the third quarter and the related revenue will be recognized over the service period of 1 to 5 years.

"Every Chief of Police has a particular use of force incident that strained the public's trust and damaged their professional reputation," said Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey W. Halstead. "This technology has the ability to document exactly what occurred, what was said, and has proven to clearly demonstrate the incident for the community. It has been my experience when the incident is viewed by those affected by our actions, they experience the incident from the officer's perspective -- something that has been missing in our profession until now."

"With this large followup order by the Fort Worth Police Department combined with the DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety's initial order of AXON flex cameras, this major metropolitan area is leading what we believe is the next major wave in public safety," said Rick Smith, CEO and founder of TASER. "Many thought leaders in law enforcement are telling us they see on-officer video will become standard equipment within the next 5-10 years. We believe on-officer video will have a significant positive impact on law enforcement similar in scope to the impact of TASER weapons in the early 2000s.

"Across the country, agencies that deploy TASER Flex on-officer cameras have also seen reduction in use of force and reduction in complaints. The on-officer camera studies have proven the benefits of on-officer video. Our law enforcement partners have also deployed TASER's cloud-based system that offers the most cost-effective method of implementing their program. We developed to provide police agencies with a secure, cost effective data vault that allows their officers to focus on policing, minimizing their time worrying about the technical complexities of data management," concluded Smith"

Fort Worth Police will host an AXON flex camera demonstration today on Wednesday, August 14, at 3 PM at Fort Worth Police Department Headquarters building located at 350 W. Belknap in Fort Worth, TX. Fort Worth Police can showcase the AXON flex camera system and the benefits it provides for law enforcement. Working units are available for the media to review.

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