World Security Report2013-08-21 12:31:13

Thermoteknix launch a Quick-View eyepiece accessory for their ClipIR® clip-on fused thermal imager at DSEI 2013.

ClipIR is designed to attach to Image Intensifiers (I2) to provide fused night vision, thermal imaging and I2. The new Quick-View eyepiece attaches directly onto the ClipIR mounting bracket to give pure thermal imaging hand-held display for the user and provides two-in-one capability (I2 fusion or handheld thermal monocular).

ClipIR is available with a range of brackets to fit most industry-standard monocular and binocular Night Vision devices including PVS 7, PVS 14 and PVS 15. Mil Spec ClipIR is unique in its 40° Field of View which matches the I2 for maximum situational awareness in all conditions.

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