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Thermoteknix launch new MicroCAM 2 range of thermal imaging cores at DSEi 2013

Thermoteknix are launching their new MicroCAM 2, ultra low-power and high shock-resistant, OEM thermal imaging modules. User-specific overlays and boresight adjustable reticules add to the feature set. MicroCAM 2 IR cores are available with Thermoteknix' patented solid state, shutterless XTi ‘Always On-Never Blind' Technology®.

MicroCAM thermal imagers are employed in numerous well known and high-end third party products including UAVs, thermal weapon sights, man-portable and long-range fixed surveillance devices, unattended ground sensors, driver aids, enhanced vision systems for aircraft and many other global products.

The MicroCAM range of long-wave thermal imaging cores is available in 384x288 and 640x480 resolution modules with a number of pixel pitch and lens options.

Also at DSEi will be the TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars

TiCAM® 750 from Thermoteknix is the range of lightweight, Military Specification handheld devices for reconnaissance, border security, target acquisition, counter drug operations, police surveillance, force protection, and general situational awareness in the field. TiCAM will detect a man at over 2 kilometres.

At the heart of TiCAM® 750 is Thermoteknix' MicroCAM, the lowest power-consuming thermal imaging module in its class giving up to 8 hours continuous field operation from 4 x AA batteries without the need for cumbersome external batteries or battery packs.

Optional features of TiCAM® 750 include GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, laser target marker, video recording facility and x2 telephoto (150mm) optics. Medium and long range models are available.

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